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Do you know which stars you've actually watched have real sex on Nymphomania came out it would feature real sex between Shia and. scene, she was, in fact, acting: “Not on a real dick,” she said, laughing. They hired stunt doubles—porn actors—to perform the sex scenes in the film. There is a poster for Nymphomaniac in which the actors were required. Earlier this month, we reported that former Disney kid Shia LaBeouf was seeking a role in controversial filmmaker Lars Von Trier's erotic drama Nymphomaniac.

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Many people play roles that are no way indicative of who and what they are in real life. Too real for me. I have done my research in the past on herpes and i know the difference between type 1 and type 2. One episode of True Blood ended with a makeup sex scene that was so realistic fans still swear that real life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were actually doing it while in character as Sookie and Bill. Beyond Intimacy , the film referenced above, other non-porn features that show unsimulated sex include James Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus , Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs , and von Trier's Antichrist. It will still be a Von Trier movie after all. In , just four years after the Lumière brothers hosted their first private screening of moving black-and-white images—or motion pictures—French filmmakers Albert Kirchner and Eugène Pirou birthed Le Coucher de la Mariée. nymphomaniac real sex

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